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Stop Wasting Your Time Networking

How well do you swim? By “swim,” I actually mean “network.”When business leaders network to meet new clients, they have a tendency to spend a lot of time and effort on it. In the end, many of them wonder what results they're getting from all the effort. Unless you focus on target market networking, you won’t get the results you're hoping for.Yet many of us continue to jump right back into the pool and swim harder.

Reviewing Core Processes

After completing the 3-Step Process Documenter™, and before the Core Process can be Followed By All (FBA), it's a best practice to do a review of the processes as a leadership team. One of the main reasons for doing this is that many processes integrate between departments and each department head will want to ensure they are in agreement with any departmental handoff points that have been defined.

From Delegate to Elevate

Do you ever get stuck on how to delegate effectively? Have you ever considered that delegation can be done creatively?

Process vs. Procedure

While helping companies implement the EOS Process Component™, we will often hear someone on the leadership team say, “We already have our processes documented!”. In a Quarterly EOS Session, a deeper look often reveals that they do have some “procedures” documented but not an outcome-based process.

Reviewing Core Processes – How to Make Sure Your Process is Complete

After completing the 3 Step Process Documenter™, and before the Core Process can be Followed by All (FBA), it's a best practice to do a review of the processes as a Leadership Team. I’ve had leadership teams hit a roadblock on their process documentation because they didn’t know when the process was completed or good enough to move forward. They simply weren’t sure what the final output was supposed to look like.

Value of EOS Professional Implementation and Things to Consider if You DIY ("Self Implement")

As EOS Implementers we get asked all the time, “Why hire a professional implementer? Can I use the book to self implement?” The first point to make is that you absolutely can use the book, Traction by Gino Wickman, and download the free tools to implement EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, in your organization. However we see a few pitfalls that are common when someone decides to self implement. And, there is tremendous value in bringing in an expert resource to help you fully implement EOS.

Leadership is Lonely Because...

"It's lonely at the top! "Well, I hate to break it to you... it might be lonely because you make it lonely.

Are you optimizing for growth?

As a business leader at a small or medium business you struggle with some primary barriers to growth: ineffective people and teams, lack of profit or cash flow, hitting the ceiling on growth (and, unable to scale your business), you're out of control (the business is running you), inconsistent or lack of execution, and trying to do a ton of stuff that simply doesn't work.


Turn business dreams into reality.

In this interview, Jeanet Wade describes how a business can go from dreaming about change to actually having in place a management team focused of making change happen. Create a culture of accountability as you achieve business growth goals and put into place a work environment of operational efficiencies.

Gain control of your business and vision

Listen in as Business Alchemist founder Jeanet Wade describes the importance of creating an accountability structure and getting the right people in the right seat. From people management to scaling and cash flow, she provides her expertise on how to gain back control of your business through concepts that are practical and work.

Components of Business Success

Jeanet Wade from Business Alchemist discusses vision, people, data, issues, process and traction. These six key components of operating an effective as well as cohesive organization can get everyone literally everyone in the company “rowing in the same direction” to reach your business vision.

The Business Value of EOS

Listen as Jeanet Wade, founder of Business Alchemist, provides insights about the value she delivers as a certified EOS® implementer. Discover how EOS is a proven system for helping business faced with challenges gain more control and growth through leadership alignment.