Process vs. Procedure

Jeanet Wade
September 7, 2018

While helping companies implement the EOS Process Component™, we will often hear someone on the leadership team say, “We already have our processes documented!”. In a Quarterly EOS Session, a deeper look often reveals that they do have some “procedures” documented but not an outcome-based process.

What are procedures? Procedures are how you do your job (function/role in the Accountability Chart). Sometimes procedures can be steps in a process done by one seat on the team.

What is a process? A documentation of the Core Processes and key steps it takes to achieve outcomes (the 20% that gets us 80% of the results) that can be followed by all (FBA) to create your consistent and unique way of doing business (Your Secret Sauce!).

One of my EOS clients had an “aha!" moment around this concept. They began mapping, using the 3 Step Process Documenter™, how all the procedures at their organization fit together to deliver impactful outcomes as a process. The result: they removed the silos that they felt were occurring within the Accountability Chart and had a clear playbook for how they worked together as a unified team. They are now able to deliver consistent, clear, simple and predictable outcomes.

This is where the Leadership Abilities of Systemize and Structure become aligned. We get clarity on who does what coupled with how we work together to achieve the Vision. Does your process “tie together the team” to deliver the results?

Originally published in the O4G Blog: