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A Unified Team Creates Operational Efficiency & Measurable ROI

Book Jeanet for your next event for a presentation or workshop that will help leaders, executives and entrepreneurs learn a quick and simple path to success and get their company unified on direction.

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Speaking engagements and workshops:

For over 25 years, our mix of strategic, practical, and tactical knowledge has helped countless businesses like yours remove the barriers to growth and reach their goals with gusto. Schedule a speaking engagement and/or workshop today and start gaining Traction® on your ascent to the summit of profitability.

The Human Team®  
So, You Created a Team but People Showed Up. Get to the heart of what makes great teams: People. Learn the fundamental components of great teams, understand how to nurture human nature for healthier teams, and how to move people-energy to accomplish lasting results.

Get a Grip on Your Business
Are you running your business? Or is your business running you? Learn the 6 key components for a smarter way to operate and how a healthy team can help you gain Traction® on your vision.

Accountability Formula
Find out the essential skill sets your leadership and management teams must learn to achieve a higher level of accountability in your organization. Additional insights will be shared on activating accountability in your people.

Hitting the Ceiling: 5 Leadership Abilities to Break Through
Utilizing these 5 Leadership Abilities, you will learn scale and break through to the next level by simplifying business operations. This presentation covers everything from frustrations of a business leader and a high-level review of the 5 Leadership Abilities to solutions for solving your most common business challenges. Also included is a summary of how business leaders and owners are getting a grip on their company by using simple, practical tools to get Traction®.

Rocket Fuel -
The Two Key Leaders that Help Your Organization Take Off
This workshop looks at the relationship between two main types of leaders who are vital for organizational health and scalability. Learn about proven work rules and tools for seeing your business leadership from a powerful new perspective for greater impact. This workshop is targeted to CEOs, business owners, visionaries, and integrators.

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