Are you optimizing for growth?

Jeanet Wade
February 28, 2018

As a business leader at a small or medium business you struggle with some primary barriers to growth: ineffective people and teams, lack of profit or cash flow, hitting the ceiling on growth (and, unable to scale your business), you're out of control (the business is running you), inconsistent or lack of execution, and trying to do a ton of stuff that simply doesn't work.

Its normal for businesses to stall on the road to growth. However, the CEO, owner, or president that brings in the right resources can make the difference between staying stuck and catapulting the organization to greater profits, productivity, and traction.

If you want to get to the next level of growth in your business, you'll need to tap into three essential resources*:

1) A business operating system that helps articulate a shared vision and builds the organization, processes, accountability and productivity to achieve top goals.

2) A peer advisory network that provides valuable insights and advice from other leaders who share their experiences and best practices in a trusted and confidential setting to leverage the wisdom of the group.

3) A personal one-on-one business coach that keeps the business leader (CEO, owner or president) accountable and acts as a necessary sounding board and advisor to shape key leadership skills.

Are you ready to optimize for growth?

Would you like to be introduced to someone who leads a Peer Advisory Network or Peer-to-Peer Group (Vistage, TAB, President's Council, etc.)?

Would you like to be introduced to a personal/business coach?

If you are interested in a business operating system, I can offer you and your leadership team a complimentary 90 minute overview on how to get traction on your vision with a healthy, cohesive team using EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). Also, you can take an "organizational checkup" of your company at

*Please take time to read the book Optimize for Growth by Jonathan B. Smith