Leadership is Lonely Because...

Jeanet Wade
June 3, 2018

"It's lonely at the top!"

Well, I hate to break it to you... it might be lonely because you make it lonely.

1) You DIY. You try to do everything yourself. If you only trust "me, myself and I" then you will be lonely and overworked! There are few ways to overcome DIY - delegate and hire expert resources. By trusting others to perform in their unique ability you will accomplish more.

2) You don't build a leadership team. For that matter, you don't structure your organization to support the growth of the company. You need a team to scale your business to the next level and succeed. Consider creating an "Accountability Chart" that is the right structure for your organization, outlines clear roles and responsibilities, and assigns the right people to the right seats.

3) You don't align others to your vision. You have a vision for your company - share it! The better aligned your leadership team and the rest of your company is around the vision, the more traction you will get on that vision. Start by answering these eight questions to simplify your strategic planning as outlined in the EOS V/TO:

  1. Core Values,
  2. Core Focus,
  3. 10-year Target,
  4. Marketing Strategy,
  5. 3-year Picture,
  6. 1-year Plan,
  7. Rocks, and
  8. Issues.


If you would like to learn more about how EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) can help you get Traction on your Vision with a Healthy team, I will spend a complimentary 90 minutes with you and your leadership to overview the model, tools and process. www.business-alchemist.com