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As a “Business Alchemist” Jeanet Wade, managing partner, puts together the right mix of strategic, practical and tactical knowledge to guide entrepreneurial businesses toward organizational effectiveness. She has served on leadership teams at start-ups, small family-owned businesses, and large corporations, was recently honored with the title of “Expert EOS Implementer™”, and is the best-selling author of The Human Team®. Throughout her 25+ year career as a leader, facilitator, consultant and coach, Jeanet has focused on helping the companies she serves reach their goals by aligning vision with action, building healthy teams, and harnessing the power of human energy.

Jeanet is available for interviews, workshops, and presentations about leading healthy teams to unprecedented business growth.

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Your greatest assets are skilled people who align as a team to achieve the same business goals. Learn about how individual needs can impact overall team health.

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St. Louis Small Business Monthly lists Jeanet as one of the Top 100 St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business.

Our Team

Jeanet Wade

Expert EOS Implementer®

As a Expert EOS Implementer and founder of Business Alchemist, Jeanet Wade takes companies mired in complexity and aligns their leadership teams so they focus on the most important business challenges. By making sure everyone is heading in the same direction, strategic growth initiatives are realistic and have achievable outcomes. This 25+ year history of success earned her the recognition as one of the Top 100 St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business by St. Louis Small Business Monthly.

She is also the best-selling ForbesBooks author of The Human Team®

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Marshall Wade

Integrator and Coach

As Business Alchemists’s Integrator, Marshall Wade is an essential part of supporting companies as they work toward getting their leaders, managers and employees all focused on common corporate goals. In addition to his role as Integrator, Marshall also has vast experience and knowledge in coaching business leaders to help them achieve both personal and professional life goals. He has been working with Jeanet Wade since 2006 when they transformed Jeanet Consulting Services into Jalapeno, LLC.