Jeanet Wade, Certified EOS® Implementer


As a St. Louis area Certified EOS® Implementer, Jeanet Wade has helped businesses struggling with complexity and leadership alignment to become focused as a team on outcome achievement. As the visionary and managing Partner of Business Alchemist, she has successfully helped leaders create environments of action as they execute and implement strategic growth initiatives.

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St. Louis Small Business Monthly lists Jeanet as one of the Top 100 St. Louisans to Know to Succeed in Business.

As a facilitator, teacher and coach, Jeanet helps companies implement the EOS system through a 24-month journey that leads to results. It’s a comprehensive business system. It integrates a holistic business model with a complete set of tools and a process to align and synchronize all the pieces of your entrepreneurial business.

Business operations have a tendency to get overly complex. This can push leadership teams to think of operational solutions that are just as complex (and more likely to meet roadblocks). Jeanet helps business entrepreneurs and their team leaders think more simplified about strategic initiatives. When this happens they can actually take achievable actions toward improvement. Now there’s Traction® on the company vision with a healthy team. It leads to better results, more control and increased company value.

As Jeanet describes it, “The EOS system takes a holistic view that is simplified down to just 20% of things that get you 80% of the results. It doesn’t overcomplicate things.” The results back this since clients improve their organizational effectiveness by an average of 213% within the first year of implementing the EOS system and they improve topline revenue by an average of 20.4%.

In her career she has served on leadership teams at start-ups, small family-owned businesses and large corporations. What this has given her is an inside perspective on what is required to execute and implement strategic initiatives for achieving desired outcomes.

As a business coach with Jalapeno LLC and Business Alchemist, Jeanet Wade has helped


businesses that are struggling with complexity and leadership alignment issues to become focused as a team on outcome achievement.