Reviewing Core Processes – How to Make Sure Your Process is Complete

Jeanet Wade
September 8, 2018

After completing the 3 Step Process Documenter™, and before the Core Process can be Followed by All (FBA), it's a best practice to do a review of the processes as a Leadership Team.

I’ve had leadership teams hit a roadblock on their process documentation because they didn’t know when the process was completed or good enough to move forward. They simply weren’t sure what the final output was supposed to look like.

Working with multiple teams to solve the issue of “hitting the ceiling” on the process documentation, we discovered that there are 5 things to review in your process to finalize the documentation so that it is not only simple and clear, but impactful:

  1. Secret Sauce. Have you included the unique actions and steps that make you special? Are you delivering on your uniques/differentiators?
  2. Issues. Have you identified any overlaps with another process, any gaps (assumed another process was handling the process step), or any challenges in implementing the process?
  3. Outcomes. Does this process deliver the outcome(s) you want to see? Is this the best way to achieve the end result?
  4. Accountability. Have we identified “who” is accountable for the steps and actions within the process? When the play is in action out of our playbook, do we know who has the ball?
  5. Customer “Touch”. Have you remembered your customer interactions and communications in your process? Sometimes processes and procedures can look too much to the internal and forget about the customer... "it works for us" but not always for them.

Once you complete your review and the process is documented, you are now ready to get the process(es) FBA and get the consistency, profitability and peace of mind that the EOS Process Component can bring to an effective organization that is focused on achieving the Vision.

Originally published in the O4G Blog: