Value of EOS Professional Implementation and Things to Consider if You DIY ("Self Implement")

Jeanet Wade
June 15, 2018

As EOS Implementers we get asked all the time, “Why hire a professional implementer? Can I use the book to self implement?”

The first point to make is that you absolutely can use the book, Traction by Gino Wickman, and download the free tools to implement EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, in your organization. However we see a few pitfalls that are common when someone decides to self implement. And, there is tremendous value in bringing in an expert resource to help you fully implement EOS.

Things to Consider if you Decide to Self Implement:

  1. Cherry Picking. The EOS system was designed to be a complete system for improving your businesses. When companies self implement they have a tendency to pick just the components or tools that they want to use and don't see the science behind using the system as a holistic approach.
  2. Wasted Time. Spending time learning the system can be more costly than simply hiring an expert to train your entire team. Be sure to consider the value of your time.
  3. Out of Order. When self implementing we see a lot of companies that start with Vision. In EOS we advocate "traction first, vision second" because you need to have some key tools in place before you can truly get traction on your vision.
  4. No Process. Companies that don't follow the EOS Proven Process for implementing EOS don't see the same results. Typically self implementing companies won't take the time needed, in full day sessions, to work on the business and do it in the order prescribed.
  5. DIY. We often think we can do everything ourselves. Think of a time when you tried to do a household project and you didn't have the necessary skills, tools, expertise, or knowledge. To implement EOS at your organization you need to be able to effectively and objectively facilitate, teach and coach the entire leadership team.

So, why hire a Professional EOS Implementer?

  1. Accountability. We provide a high level of accountability. We are obsessed about execution, traction, getting it done and concluding.
  2. Speed. We help you do it faster than you could do own your own.
  3. Mastery. We are trained to teach EOS and to get our clients to mastery on all the tools in our toolbox. We understand the science and psychology behind each of the tools and can help you use them effectively.
  4. Objectivity. We provide external independent trusted perspective to challenge your way of thinking and acting.
  5. Focus. Skilled facilitation will help you focus on what you need to do vs. human nature's tendency to encourage you to do what want you to do.
  6. Discipline. We help you make lasting change in your organization and make EOS a habit for your organization.
  7. Optimization. We help you increase your capability to manage your next challenge. We will also challenge you to become your best.
  8. Experience. We have walked in your shoes and have been on leadership teams at small and medium-sized businesses. Our years of business experience enables us help ensure an enduring approach.

Bottom line is that the external energy, objectivity, expertise and ability to help you and your team get there faster far outweigh the perceived savings of doing it yourself. In addition, the results outlined in the book, and in various testimonials online, were primarily companies that used a Professional or Certified EOS Implementer. You will see results doing it yourself but possibly not to the extent that companies using professional implementation will see.

For another perspective, follow this link to read an article written by an actual EOS client on this topic: