Why Atomic Revenue is an EOS Company

Jeanet Wade
January 17, 2020

In this blog post, find out why a client of Business Alchemist is an EOS Company.

EOS & Atomic Revenue Philosophies Align

We recently came to realize, with >300% year-over-year growth and a leap from 12 team members to 42 in one year, we were not applying our own processes (that we hold our clients accountable for) to grow in an organized, measurable way. You know the old English proverb, “The cobbler’s children are the worst shod,” well that was us. Then we learned the details of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) and had our “ah-ha! moment.”

Our leadership team quickly realized how much our company needed this streamlined system, and, more importantly, that our Revenue Operations philosophies align with the EOS philosophies – this was the catalyst that made us want to be an EOS company. This proven process is a great fit for us as we already serve our clients in the same way, and it provides traction to maintain a higher level of control as we grow at such a rapid pace. It also just-so happens, because we are aligned with other EOS companies, serving those clients is much easier for the Atomic Revenue team and, in-turn, our clients with us.

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