Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®)

A proven formula to transform your business.

Utilizing a proven formula, Business Alchemist will facilitate, teach and coach you on a journey to be your best - achieving powerful results with your leaders, people, and company.
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About Jeanet Wade

The first to bring EOS Implemention to the Greater STL Area.

Jeanet Wade, Certified EOS Implementer, is helping entrepreneurial leaders of privately-held companies in the St. Louis metro area get what they want from their business - profitable growth, effective and accountable people, and more control of the business, so the business is no longer running them. As a "Business Alchemist" she puts together the right mix of strategic, practical and tactical knowledge to guide entrepreneurial businesses toward organizational effectiveness.
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Your greatest assets are skilled people who align as a team to achieve the same business goals. Learn about how individual needs can impact overall team health.

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Your business success is our business focus.

Proven formula. Simple actions. Powerful results.  

Break free of the challenges preventing your organization from gaining Traction® on new growth. Utilizing EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, Business Alchemist is able to deliver a comprehensive business system that integrates a holistic business model with a complete set of business tools. It results in having your entire organizational leadership, management and employees focused and operating as a cohesive team.
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“With EOS, we’re able to grow our team and company because everyone’s moving in the same direction.”

– Jill Butler, CEO/Co-Owner, Red Key Realty Leaders
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Just how strong is your company? What are its strengths, and what are the weaknesses? Find out with this organizational checkup that measures the pulse of your business.

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