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Alex Fechner
The Advertisers Printing Co., Inc.

After 2 years of self-implementing EOS, we hit the ceiling and knew we could not go any further without help. We knew we needed a professional to not only guide our company-wide implementation, but also hold our Leadership Team accountable... and Jeanet has done that in spades. She had us better aligned and we got more accomplished in her first 6 months than we did in our first 2 years of self-implementing.  It goes without saying she is definitely worth the investment. We are not just learning about EOS, Jeanet facilitates and coaches us to better outcomes and decisions. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, we were better prepared to adapt, solve issues, and stay focused. Jeanet has helped us become a stronger & more efficient company and we are very excited for the vision we have set. We are well-prepared if things change thanks to Jeanet and EOS. Long story short, avoid self-implementation if you can & invest in Jeanet from the get go. It will pay off quickly.

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Scott Highmark
President, Mosaic Family Wealth

We were looking for a way to implement EOS effectively. After being introduced to Jeanet and going through professional implementation, we now have a process to marry high accountability with our warm culture. And, we are now a more unified and cohesive firm.

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Dr. Ronald Wagner
President and CEO, Relearnit

We keep coming back to Business Alchemist and working alongside Jeanet Wade because we found that self-implementation just doesn't work for us. Having that third party in the room, someone who understands the EOS model and holds us accountable for being EOS as pure is very important to me. I absolutely recommend that other business owners reach out to Jeanet Wade at Business Alchemist if they're serious about adopting a model to run their business where they want to see tremendous growth potential. It is single-handedly the most important business decisions that I've made.

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Nathan Stooke
CEO, Whisper ISP

We started self- implementing in 2009 and did not quite have the return as we hit the ceiling and bumbled along. And then when we brought in Jeanet Wade and Business Alchemist in 2019. What a difference, just amazing - the outside perspective. She was able to peel back that onion where it was hard for me politically on my leadership team on certain things and issues that we had to talk about. Her insights into our business have been amazing. We still have to make those tough decisions, but Business Alchemist guides us. I would highly recommend them to anybody.

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Tara Kinney
Revenue Operations Expert

Jeanet bringing EOS to Atomic Revenue has helped us strengthen a foundation from which we can grow our company. We were several executives, managers, and owners all wearing multiple hats, too busy to gain the traction we expected. Jeanet facilitated some tough moments in reorganizing our team for accountability. Now we divide-and-conquer more effectively with the right people in the right roles while also functioning better as a team to resolve issues that are slowing our progress. Jeanet is a master facilitator of a great process--but without her facilitation capabilities, I'm not sure my team would've come around to the EOS way of thinking. It's both an art and a skill to manage leadership teams through any process, and Jeanet is one of the best facilitators I've met in this regard.

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Phil Mascari
President at Dealers Wholesale

The EOS process has been great for our company. Jeanet has been a terrific facilitator and coach who keeps us on task and on target. She offers value at every step of the process with her strategic and practical knowledge. The EOS structure has provided the clarity and the tools to make real progress at our company. I would highly recommend hiring a Professional EOS Implementor as Jeanet pushes us outside of our comfort zone enabling us to become a healthier management team and achieve higher results for our organization.

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Ashley Baker, SPHR
Human Resources Manager

I feel so honored to say that my introduction to EOS was through Jeanet. My belief is that Jeanet is a great implementer because she is first a great coach and teacher. Jeanet never comes off as an "outside facilitator," but rather as a part of the team. It is because of Jeanet, and EOS, that our team is speaking the same language and aligned to the same goals; allowing our team, and business, to function competently.

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Dan Jewett
President and CEO Jewett Roofing Company

How do you build great teams and and grow strong businesses with great focus? Jeanet has been the coach we have needed with the system that works really well. We have grown through every step and she has been the resource we needed. We are very grateful for her and highly recommend her as well.

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Danita Allen Wood
Owner, Missouri Life magazine

After 17 years of being in business, I believe the EOS system is helping us tackle genuine issues that will lead to improved profitability and faster growth. Jeanet has been a terrific facilitator who keeps us on task and on target. We had some break-through discussions on Day 3, especially. The new weekly leadership team meetings are especially valuable, too.

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Tim Williams
CEO at Crown Linen Service

In the first 90 days of working with Jeanet we have developed the foundational tools to implement the EOS system. This has resulted in our management team accomplishing a lot. We have better communication, are more productive, and well on our way to becoming a highly focused team with a unified vision of the goals going forward.

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Shea Peffly
Integrator, Veterans Care Coordination

We have worked with Jeanet for over two years and have seen great structure with our organization. Working on trust internally with our team and establishing a redefined foundation built on core value alignment and clarity with vision. I would recommend Jeanet for any organization who is looking to gain traction to build a stronger foundation and take that next journey with growth. Thanks for all the support you have given us. You are first class.

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