The Human Team Book®

So you created a team, but people showed up!

People naturally thrive when they feel connected to a team. Learn how to create an effective team of people and how to move human energy towards higher performance, goal achievement, and engagement. Get the keys to team health by understanding The Six Facets of Human Needs® that will help you nurture stronger outcomes in your organization.

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About the Author

As a St. Louis area Expert EOS Implementer®, Author and Speaker, Jeanet Wade has helped businesses struggling with complexity and leadership alignment to become focused as a team on outcome achievement. MORE >>

Clarity – Without clarity, human beings are confused. People on teams must understand the purpose or vision of the team/organization, their role in it, and the outcomes/goals.

Connection – People need to know that they belong on the team and in the organization. When feeling disconnected they become depressed, unenthused, dysfunctional, etc.

Contribution – Successful outcomes from people on teams comes from how they work together and leverage their natural abilities and skills. When not contributing, people can distract the team or even detract from it.

Challenge – People need to be challenged to continuously improve and get to new levels of job mastery. Coaching on targeted results, new skills, and areas of improvement can minimize complacency on the team and retain top talent.       

CONSIDERATION – The need to be heard, acknowledged, and appreciated drives people on teams to have high trust, be vulnerable with one another, and are far more unified and successful than other teams. When humans are not considered they feel disregarded and can quickly become nonproductive.

Confidence – Confidence leads to new capability and commitment, and is the best route to meaningful ideas
and innovation. When your team stands in a place of confidence and bravery there is less fear, apprehension and doubt. Your organization can go forward, pivot faster, and nurture new levels of results.

"This book will help leaders and managers understand people at work and the fundamental needs that impact team health."

- Dr. Patricia Bagsby

"A must-read if you are frustrated by managing people in your business, wish your teams were more effective, or want to create a healthy organization."

- Gino Wickman, Author of Traction and Entrepreneurial Leap

“Packed with updated science, real stories of struggle and triumph, leaders of entrepreneurial companies will especially enjoy this book because of its practical applications to our everyday lives! We can no longer assume that humans are getting their needs met at home or in their social groups. Jeanet calls on all leaders to step up and be a champion of making sure the needs of the human team are met. She does it with grace, wit, and approachability, sharing her vivid stories freely so that we may learn from them.”

- Jill Young, Author of "The Advantage Series" for Entrepreneurial Leadership teams

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